Inspirations Gallery

Get easy inspiration by checking out our gallery of European style tiles.

Find your Inspiration

Not sure where to start on your next project? Try getting inspired by the designs within our Inspiration Gallery! With a variety of images to view, our design inspiration gallery is full of amazing designs that will get your creative ideas flowing and will help you transform your space into something remarkable.

Which design style are you?

We all have our preferences when it comes to designing a space. There are not only practical elements you need to think about when choosing materials, you need to find the right style to match the surroundings, furniture, decorations and lighting of that room.

We offer traditional materials with modern design. This means that whilst you get a durable surface, you also get to create the space of your dreams. From Italian classics to minimalistic Scandinavian style and Boho, from our selection you will find the right tiles to uplift any space.